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Liz met Craven at Spielplatz in 1955, she was 31, a vegetarian and a Naturist/Photographic model. She went to the Sun Club with her mother and had many good friends there and loved her way of life. Craven was 37, and, after his discovery of Naturists at then Ile du Levant  whilst on holiday with his first wife, he quickly realized that her reluctance to want to join him (which he found very sad) in his search for a Naturist Club/ Organization in the UK would be a stumbling block, as one had to be a 'couple'. There were, at the time, only two places that accepted single males... an indoor club in Kensington and Spielplatz, St. Albans. He tells how he finally plucked up the courage to go on his own, paid his 10 shillings entrance fee, stripped off and was very disappointed that sitting on the grass on his own, completely naked, he thought he had made a huge mistake, as that wonderful feeling he had of 'freedom, feeling very happy, as if a great weight had been lifted off his shoulders and for some reason or other feeling really clean for the first time' he had experienced when he joined the Naturists he saw in the little cove by the sea in the Ile du Levant, didn't happen!

Instead he felt embarrassed and very disappointed, until, he wondered around and sat cross legged by the badminton courts; to his delight he was asked by a lovely lady -Liz- if he wanted to make up a four for badminton. This was their first contact; after a great game they all had a swim afterwards; then  a good time chatting to all the friendly people, over a cup of tea, in the Clubhouse (as is always the way with 'newcomers') … By the end of the day, he was hooked on Naturism in the UK, and couldn't wait to come back and enjoy the carefree friendly, atmosphere and camaraderie of the friends he had made there. But, he also realized that he had, one of those ''moments in time'' and had instantly fallen in love with Liz... smitten....

Nonetheless, he tried his very best to persuade his first wife to go along and join him, and try Naturism out at the weekends, but, she was very happy (and busy) looking after the children and was more a home loving person; in fact, she didn’t join him in his sojourns to Soho and the bohemian clubs/scene, that was so exciting to him at the time, either. As is unfortunately, sometimes the case, one's pursuit of a hobby or way of life that is not tolerated or accepted by your partner, can sometimes lead to a drifting apart.

Craven just loved Spielplatz and felt at peace there - with its natural surroundings leafy trees and flowers, so much so, that he bought a little caravan there, and found he spent more and more of his leisure time and weekends there. He was very attracted to Liz, she was after all a single, beautiful, graceful lady, and as one of his hobbies was photography, he took shots of her to send to H&E, he then persistently wooed her and won her over. They wanted to tell the world about Naturism, and went to the World Naturist Congress at Woburn Abbey to try to find likeminded folk - as there weren't many Brits at the time who would be willing to join in making a movie - or indeed even have their photos taken (nothing changes in that respect!).... So it was that they met up and be-friended people from Germany, America, and so on... and went off to Studland


to start filming ''Travelling Light''...and the rest as they say is history....

Liz and Craven were together for some 9 years, and married in 1962. Whilst filming Eves on Skis, Craven was running other businesses and had a secretary nearly 30 years younger than him, whom he went on to marry. She became his 3rd wife, and (as he was with Liz), they became very famous and well known couple in the Naturist World. So, Liz and Craven went their separate ways and divorced in 1964. I didn’t know of Liz when I first met Craven and joined BDOC in 1977 nor did any of my friends who were members; but, when he came to me for help in 1991/2, she was one of the first people we went to meet at her home with James. I found Liz to be charming, friendly, and her love of animals and nature, and dedication to her Naturist/vegetarian, simple, peaceful way of life, quite refreshing in this day and age of fast living/IT/ internet and so on… She never had a bad word to say about Craven and suggested all sorts of alternative and different sorts of treatments he might like to try to help him with his cancer. We often used to meet up with James and Liz and other friends and it was great to hear them  all chatting about ‘the good old days’….

He had these photos of her in a box in his office...