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HELLO, My name is Elizabeth................

This is me in the sea at Studland Dorset UK around 1984;alttitle

I was


a famous






and  had




on the cover and in pages

         of the magazine 'Health & Efficiency' (H&E)  


I also wrote and had published articles about my fabulous

Naturist and vegetarian way of life. At the time I was considered to be  

'Britain’s most Famous Naturist Model’.

An achievement of which I am most proud I can now look back on with such fond and happy memories. I received fan mail from all over the world, including presents and flowers, beautiful orchids and even offers of marriage.

titleI met Craven Walker in 1955 at a Naturist Centre


called "Spielplatz",


UK owned and run by Charles Macaskie.


Iseult is a very good friend of mine,


 she is Charles daughter....


this is her story in her book 'No Shadows Fall'


Craven and I fell in love, in fact, together we  became one of the

most well known Naturist couples of that time.

We so enjoyed our idyllic, simple, friendly, healthy, sportive, sunny naturist way of life with the many friends we had, that we decided that the World should get to know about it. So after about three years together we decided to make a 35mm Naturist Travelogue film.

We gathered together some of our attractive friends from  www.heritageclub.org.uk  and www.naturistfoundation.org/ and set off for a holiday together at the Naturist Village of Villata, Porto Vechio, SouthCorsica, www.villata.com hoping that by filming our Naturist holiday we would be able to capture the feelings and way we lead our lives, and be able to show everyone just how wonderful it was.

altThere we met and befriended a beautiful blond French girl

 called Yannick, who was brought up  as a Naturist on

the Ile du Levant,  and was natural


 a underwater swimmer.






She joined in our attempt to make a Naturist film.




Craven obtained an underwater camera and aqua lung;

then he took many shots and footage of her  swimming and dancing underwater.


 They were truly altmagnificent. Craven then cut the film and spent many hours piecing it together to make the continuous sequence of Yannick

 dancing underwater to the music the ‘Song of India’

that was to be the highlight of the first Naturist

film to be shown in Public Cinema’s.

alt In 1960 it was the first Nude film to be passed by the altcensors and was shown in the Cinephone in the West End of London,


where it ran for about 8months.

 I have since been told of many people who after seeing the film had completely changed their way of life and found the Naturist way of being with friends and people who felt the same way to be rewarding and enjoyable.

They, like me,  have made many friends all over the world and had such happy times just lapping up the sun and relaxing, swimming, playing sports, holidaying, and just being together

The films were then shown in the Provinces, Europe and the USA.

 The great success of it was overwhelming.














 AND Eves on Skis















We married and I was Craven’s second wife.

With the proceeds of the films Craven was able to fulfil his dream

of starting his own Naturist Club. BDOC,

Bournemouth & District Outdoor Club, Matchams, Ringwood, Dorset,England, UK.


With Craven’s unfailing grit and determination, he worked hard on this venture to turn the completely overgrown site full of bushes and trees into the Country’s best known Naturist Club.



The Club opened in 1965

He came across many obstacles to achieving his dream along the way...

a lesser man would have given up.

It was so tranquil and beautiful and


had an Olympic sized swimming pool, sunbathing lawns, a wooden clubhouse,

miniten and volleyballcourts.

Craven with his 3rd wife Christine, worked long and hard to make the Club into the best Naturist Club in Britain,

and became ambassadors for Naturism on radio and TV.


By 1964 Craven & I had gone our separate ways and when our divorce was final, I married Geoff.  We met at Heritage Sun Club and married in 1966. I was running my Aromatherapy Massage business during this time which helped to support us. We had eight happy years together until he died of a massive stroke. I was absolutely devastated and completely alone, having no family now that my mother had died.

 I took comfort, help and guidance from Astrologer I knew,

who told me I was yet to meet my soul mate.



Little did I know it was to be James

who came into my life in 1977, I was 53.

With James, at long last

I had found love,peace

and quiet reflecting times.

We were kindred spirits.


We had an idyllic life together living in our isolated farm cottage surround by fields with grazing cows and horses with all our many cats and dogs which we loved.

altIt was different from my life with Craven who was always on the go, a workaholic, who could, at times, be so demanding and gregarious.alt   alt

altWe also

loved to

visit Craven’s

Club, BDOC,


playing miniten,


up with our





And, of course, ..............

visiting Studland Naturist Beach was the icing on the cake! alt

 It held so many memories

 of not only those days spent

making the films with Craven,

but meeting up with the

 very many friends we had.

I was sixty years old

when this photo was taken at

Studland Naturist Beach Dorset.UK





Christine and Craven divorced, althe suffered with cancer and then in

1996 he married Suzanna,


in his beloved BDOC Club,


in the first “Naturist Wedding” in the UK.


She steadfastly helped him in his latter


years and was with him at the end of his life.


altSuzanna  became a good friend of mine.

 Craltaven, Suzanna my husband James and I regularly met up and enjoyed times together,

chatting about our lives and memories.alt

When James retired, as a pastime, he loved to make beautiful things from timber.

alt alt altalt

 alt  alt   

He sold a few things here and there and took on some special orders, but, took great delight in making items for Craven & Sue and many things for BDOC...like all the new holiday Chalets name plaques and road signs.


Craven died in 2000, and with his passing the Club has since lost a huge chunk of its grounds, sports facilities, indoor complex, Clubhouse and swimming pool,

but, the members have carried it on in the caravanning side of the grounds.

So his dream lives on...............................

 altalt  alt alt

        www.bdoc.co.uk (new BDOC Club Website)


 James and I married in 2003 having had 26 wonderful happy years together until 2007 when James died and left me agian to be a widow.

I miss James so much, but, sense him every day in our home and garden.

Nowadays at 86, having lost our beloved last dog Heidi who left us in 1998 and then last year losing my last cat Charity I am alone reflecting on my life.

I am now happy to able to ‘tell the world’ about my life and pass on my photos through this website Suzanna is making, but, I must admit, I am now just looking forward to joining them all in the place of peace, tranquillity and beauty where there is no pain and the sun shines all the time.


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To me Craven Walker was a genius in every sense of the word.

Elizabeth Elcoate-Gilbert